Alien beach

By A.R. Yngve

My first published story was the comic-strip ”E+” (1992, script and pencils), for the Swedish magazine SVENSKA SERIER.
I have since published several novels, illustrated children’s books and short stories.
My fiction has been published in Sweden, the UK, the U.S. and China.
I have also written a radio script, ”Magiens Arv”(=”Heirs To The Magic”), broadcast on Norwegian public radio in 2009.

About the book

A visit to the island called Earth

What might have happened if aliens had openly visited our world, the real world, in the recent past? What would not happen? On a tiny Pacific atoll nicknamed ALIEN BEACH, a group of men and women come face to face with amphibian visitors from space. They must learn to understand these enigmatic visitors, before the planet is thrown into a war that cannot be won… and in doing so, understand themselves. ALIEN BEACH the novel is available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon.


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