The time idiot

By A.R. Yngve

My first published story was the comic-strip ”E+” (1992, script and pencils), for the Swedish magazine SVENSKA SERIER.
I have since published several novels, illustrated children’s books and short stories.
My fiction has been published in Sweden, the UK, the U.S. and China.
I have also written a radio script, ”Magiens Arv”(=”Heirs To The Magic”), broadcast on Norwegian public radio in 2009.

About the book


The born-again religious, recovering alcoholic, not-too-bright U.S. President Prescott ”Pres” Walker is desperate. He fears he will end his presidency as a failure, and needs a miracle to turn things around…

Then he learns that the military has secretly developed the world’s first time machine. His Vice President, the sinister and secretive Zack Cutter, convinces Prescott to seize the time machine and ”set history straight” — all he has to do is go back in time and make a few small alterations, and all the problems of the present will go away!

That’s the plan, anyway. But even the smallest alterations of the past can have unforeseen consequences… especially when you’re as clumsy as ”Pres” Walker. The greatest misadventure of all time begins. And history… is history!

”A really witty and funny book. If you like Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, this is right up your alley.” (Amazon customer review)


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